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Hi there! I’m a Utah film fanatic who has been lucky enough to get a timeslot in the locals ticket sale for the Sundance Film Fest! I’ve narrowed down the films I want to try to snag tickets for but I’m undecided on a few; can you help a follower out? On my must list is Robot and Frank, About Face, and Under African Skies, but I am toggling between Celeste and Jesse Forever, Liberal Arts, The Words, and About the Pink Sky. Which ones would you recommend or you have heard good things about?

oldfilmsflicker’s response:

I haven’t heard much about any of them, really. but, Celeste and Jesse Forever was co-written by Rashida Jones, so it’ll be interesting to see what she has to say as a writer.

Liberal Arts looks like it’ll be pretty stereotypical Sundance fodder (I don’t mean that as a good thing), but it does have Richard Jenkins in the cast and he is always good. also Elizabeth Olsen is shaping out to be a great actress.

The Words has Michael McKean and Jeremy Irons in supporting roles and they are always good.

you might not get another chance to see About The Pink Sky if it doesn’t get distribution in the states.

so I would say if you had to pick one of those four go with either the first one or the last one.

Ask and ye shall receive, yay! It’s always nice to find that another film geek has the same impressions of films as you do. Still have two weeks to make up my mind but I think I’ve pretty much shaped out the schedule I’m going for. A few premieres, a few docs, the animated shorts spotlight, and one of the Power of Story Panels (because PIXAR.) Fingers crossed I get lucky and get my screening choices! <3

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