I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it until now, but good news guys,

I got tickets to Sundance!!! (Locals ticket sale FTW)

Here’s what I have tickets for:

•  Robot & Frank 

•  Power of Story: In the Beginning… (Q&A with Andrew Stanton, Terence Winter, Stephen Gaghan, Anna Deavere Smith, and Caryn James)

•  About Face: the Supermodels, Then and Now (documentary)

•  The Words

•  Celeste and Jesse Forever

•  About the Pink Sky (I may have to eat this ticket, actually, which makes me sad; birthday plans for fam member are more important. Anyone want my ticket???) 

My first screening starts tomorrow!!! I’ll do writeups on the films I see, if anyone wants them!

  1. no-path-untaken said: That sounds awesome! Have fun, sweetie! :) And I’d love to read any writeups that you do.
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