ELEMENTARY FALL PREVIEW!!!  Phew, it looks better than I feared. Excited now!

Alas I lack your excitement. Not even close to sold…but I will watch the pilot when it airs, of course.

I just love Jonny, I guess? I’m a big fangirl of his, I’m excited to see him on my TV again, I miss my Eli.  He doesn’t seem to have the intensity of Cumberbatch in the role, nor the debonair of Brett, but I’m hoping for good things. 

The big problem, of course, the final problem, is that the BBC Sherlock pilot was, if not the best TV pilot I have ever seen, easily the best in the last 5 years or so, hands down. Elementary has big expectations to live up to, and if it starts off clunky and takes time to find its feet, the built-in Sherlockian audience will not, I fear, be kind to it. And understandably so, Moffiss’ version is rightfully beloved. But as I love many flavors of ice cream, I’m hoping that while it might not be the best flavor I’ve ever tasted, that Elementary will at least be rich, and satisfying, and appetizing as being yet another iteration of Holmes on my screen. And hey, RDJ’s version to me is worlds away from how I picture Holmes to be, yet I love it because it is RDJ and he is a blast to watch traipse around erratically in a suit. I think as long as Jonny taps into the essence of Holmes and is magnetic he will do at worst, fine and at best, superb. And I can’t really ask for any more from this show and from him at this point.

Plus, for many Americans this will be the first time they ever see a modern adaptation of Sherlock, as they do not even know what the BBC is. D:  Hopefully if it is any good, it will drive them to eventually check out on Netflix this OTHER Holmes TV show they have heard stuff about, in London and with Brits. And THAT is how we will catch them and turn them on to the joys of the Moffiss and the Cumberbunny, hah.  

Eeeee, much to anticipate!