Fellow fandomers, want to give your crossover fic between, say, Sherlock and Doctor Who a smidgen of respectability? Call it a pastiche, ie “creating a new piece out of existing material.” Real life example: The Metropolitan Opera is creating “The Enchanted Island,” a pastiche (a crossover sequel/prequel) of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest. See the Preview video here.¬†Apparently it is a Baroque-ian fantasy where the four lovers that got married at the end of MSND sail away on a honeymoon and end up on Prospero’s island, where crazy things happen. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP THIS IS A REAL PROJECT PPL.

(If the set is designed to look like a real life Bosch painting, I am SO seeing this. Pretending it is Placido Domingo serenading me is just the icing on the cake. <3)

So fanficcers don’t look so crazy now, do they? ;)

Source: metoperafamily.org
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